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RFID production line management system

In order to produce better quality products, while reducing production costs. And to meet the requirements of ISO9000, manufacturers are more closely tracking product information and control tape processes, which requires manufacturers to implement RFID production line management.

RFID is entering the core of the manufacturing process. By gradually adopting RFID technology at the shop floor, manufacturers can directly and uninterruptedly capture information captured from RFID and link to existing, validated and industrially enhanced control system infrastructures, coordinated with the supply chain that configures RFID functions. This eliminates the need to update existing Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Manufacturing Information Systems (MIS) to deliver accurate, reliable real-time information streams, creating added value, increasing productivity and significantly reducing investment.

System Features:

Due to the non-visual reading of RFID technology and the simultaneous reading characteristics of multi-tags, multi-tags can read all logistics data at one time. The system statistics are convenient, timely and accurate, effectively enhance the working efficiency of production processes, realize enterprise cost control management, and products. Logistics operation monitoring management and “supply-production-logistics” integrated management.

Supply process management: the system realizes “purchasing control, order matching, supply cycle control, quality tracking, commissioned processing control, in-transit cargo tracking;

Production process management: material cost control, production statistics, piece counting statistics. At the same time, according to the needs of users, RFID technology can also realize the operation monitoring and management of production line equipment components;

Logistics management: distribution of order products, multi-library collaborative operations, warehouse receipts, shipping operations, first-in, first-out, out-of-stock alarms, and slow-moving product statistics.

Product advantages:

1. Application of split multi-channel readers, up to 32 channels, greatly reducing the hardware cost of automatic upgrade of enterprise production line information;

2. Industrial grade product design to adapt to different working environments;

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