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Application of RFID Handheld Reader in Vehicle Management of Chile Oilfield

   Vehicle management is an important part of oilfield enterprise management, which can play a positive role in promoting the safety of oilfield enterprises. However, due to the large distance between the production areas of an oil field enterprise in Chile, there are many kinds of vehicles entering and leaving the oil field in the production process, and the management is complex. The traditional manual management mode has been unable to meet today’s efficient management needs. It is urgent to strengthen the refined management of vehicles entering and leaving the oil field by more efficient and scientific means to ensure the efficient and safe production of the oil field.

1. There are many production areas in the oilfield, the distance between each production area is relatively large, the registration workload of vehicles in and out is large, the efficiency is low, and the time consuming of vehicles in and out of the oilfield is too long.

2. In oilfield production, there are many types of vehicles, such as passenger vehicles, freight vehicles and special engineering vehicles, which belong to different units and have complex management.

3. Because of the special high temperature and high pressure working environment in the oilfield, there are various risks in the management of vehicles for different purposes.

4. Vehicle management information level is low, so it is impossible to make a better statistics and analysis of the vehicle entry and exit records and time, so as to provide reference for managers to make relevant decisions.

Application Brief

In order to meet the needs of Chilean oil field enterprises, We have become a handheld terminal equipped with two-dimensional code and ultra-high frequency RFID functions to realize the automatic registration and management of incoming and outgoing vehicles. By installing two-dimensional code or RFID electronic tag for each vehicle, as the unique ID information of the vehicle, in the field management, the vehicle entry and exit managers can quickly and conveniently complete the vehicle registration and related management work by handheld PDA scanning tag or bar code information, which is convenient and fast, greatly shorten the vehicle travel time in and out of the oil field, and improve the traffic efficiency. At the same time, wireless communication technology is used for data transmission and management in a unified software platform. Make the management work more free and intelligent.

Application Effectiveness

1. Automatically collecting information by hand-held terminals for vehicle entry and exit registration greatly improves the traffic efficiency of vehicles.

2. There is no need to identify the type and use of the vehicle manually, which greatly reduces the workload and eliminates the problems of identification errors.

3. Through the association between RFID tag and database, all information of vehicle can be input, including owner information, ownership unit, access process, time and other information, which makes management more convenient.

4. Improve the refinement level of vehicle management, and provide more high-quality and efficient services and guarantees for oilfield production and operation.

PDA Configuration

Model:Chainway C5000U

Functional module:2D、RFID、 UHF

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