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Asset Management

Fixed assets management is an important part of enterprise management, which is of great significance. Fixed assets generally have many characteristics, such as large quantity, variety, high value, long service cycle, scattered places of use and so on. The application of RFID technology can record the tasks, places, objects, time and other information involved in the daily operation process of assets, and effectively supervise them. It reduces the pressure of assets daily management, saves a lot of manpower and time cost, and improves the efficiency of enterprise management. RFID technology makes fixed assets management information visible.

The application of RFID technology guarantees the safety of valuable materials, the stability of the development of the enterprise and the protection of its own interests; it enhances the modernization level of the enterprise’s valuable asset management and reduces the intensity of the safety management; anti-theft security management of assets to prevent Lost or leaked events; real-time positioning, tracking, and automatic inventory of valuable assets to automate and intelligentize asset management; liberate manual labor, save management costs, and greatly improve the management level;

RFID’s asset management system better solves the problem of information management. The active identification and active positioning functions of RFID improve management efficiency and realize asset information management.

Advantages of RFID’s asset management system:

1、Environment safety

The radio frequency RFID reader itself only accepts signals and does not emit any signals, and the impact of the radio frequency signals generated by the radio frequency tag on the human body fully complies with the national electromagnetic radiation protection regulations (GB9175-88 GB8702-88).

2、High reliability

Stability and reliability are the biggest challenges. Frequent underreporting and false positives are absolutely not allowed.

3、Accurate collection

We have solved the problems of long distance, large flow, and ultra-low power consumption, and fundamentally improved the performance of the product. In this way, the system can effectively reduce the collision rate of radio frequency positioning signals in the air under the condition of high-density positioning radio frequency tag aggregation, and greatly reduce the probability of radio signal reception loss.

4、Highly compatible

The system is compatible with mainstream video interfaces. When an alarm occurs, the on-site video surveillance images can be retrieved immediately to help managers analyze the scene of the incident, allowing managers to make correct judgments on alarms more intuitively.

5、Easy maintenance

The system provides automatic maintenance functions for electronic tags and positioning equipment, and fault detection functions for radio frequency RFID readers, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the system.

The application of asset management with RFID technology has effectively optimized many processes of enterprise management and control. RFID technology checks the arrival of the equipment, responsible procurement, time of entering and leaving the warehouse and its responsible person, asset usage right information update and usage history query, and the allocation of assets, fault maintenance, equipment inventory location, asset calculation report and Automated and accurate data collection and recording of data in its various operations, such as financial accounting, greatly ensure the accuracy of the data and effectively avoid the loss of fixed assets of the enterprise. RFID technology implements enterprise fixed asset visualization and information management, making asset management more refined and life-cycle maintenance. Through the RFID asset management system to ensure that tangible assets are used to the fullest and safe flow, so as to create an advanced, standardized and optimized management platform.