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Industrial 4.0

What is Industry 4.0?

“Internet + Manufacturing” is Industry 4.0. “Industriy 4.0” is a concept introduced by Germany. The United States is called “Industrial Internet” and our country is called “Made in China 2025”. The essential contents of these three are the same and all point to one core, namely, intelligent manufacturing.

At present, in order to develop intelligent manufacturing, China must first vigorously carry out the auto-remedial campaign. Only the majority of industrial enterprises have achieved a certain level of automation in production, inventory, management, decision-making, etc., and Industry 4.0 has realized the industrial base.

Three major themes of Industry 4.0

Intelligent factory, focuses on intelligent production systems and processes, as well as the realization of networked distributed production facilities.

Intelligent production, mainly involves the entire enterprise’s production logistics management, human-machine interaction and the application of 3D technology in industrial production processes. The program will pay special attention to attracting SMEs to participate in the effort to make small and medium-sized enterprises the users and beneficiaries of the new generation of intelligent production technologies. At the same time, they will also become the creators and suppliers of advanced industrial production technologies.

Intelligent logistics, mainly through the Internet, the Internet of things, networking and other integration of logistics resources, fully play the efficiency of the supply side of the existing logistics resources, and the demand side can quickly get service matching, and get logistics support.

At present, a new round of global scientific and technological revolutions and industrial changes are emerging, and the process of manufacturing, intelligence, flexibility, and service of the manufacturing industry has had a profound impact on the development model and transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry worldwide. From this point of view, the development of informatization and the Internet has had a tremendous impact on enterprises. Intelligence is the intensification and expansion of information and Internet development in the manufacturing industry, and will have a profound impact on enterprises.

Industry 4.0 and RFID Technology

Through wireless transceiver, RFID system can realize automatic identification and information storage without manual operation, and can solve the real-time transmission and real-time statistics of production data.

“Most applications of the RFID system in the manufacturing industry are closed loop applications, the chips can be recycled, reusable, and there is no cost problem, the lower the cost of the application.”