An Excellent RFID Solution Provider in China


RFID is a simple technology that allows any object (OOI) to be identified. The use of RFID tags with unique identification codes, in addition to simply attaching the tags to the entity, easy to embed the tags in the object (OOI) for identification. RFID is a wireless radio frequency technology, which is transmitted through the antenna between the tag and the reader. In this way, related information on the label of the object (OOI) can be easily obtained.

When the circuit in the RFID tag has sufficient energy, it will start signal transmission and connection within the range of the reader. This method is different from other static identification technologies. It is a LOUD ID technology. This feature makes some inventory management and positioning issues very simple, which is why RFID can be perfectly used in tracking, tracing and inventory management functions.

RFID is widely used in many fields:

1. Logistics: cargo tracking during logistics, automatic information collection, warehousing applications, port applications, postal services, express delivery

2. Retail: real-time statistics of sales data of goods, replenishment, anti-theft

3. Manufacturing: real-time monitoring of production data, quality tracking, automated production

4. Clothing industry: automated production, warehousing management, brand management, single product management, channel management

5. Medical: medical device management, patient identification, baby anti-theft

6. Identification: electronic passports, ID cards, student ID cards and other electronic documents.

7. Anti-counterfeiting: anti-counterfeiting of valuables (tobacco, wine, medicine), anti-counterfeiting of tickets, etc.

8. Asset management: all types of assets (precious or large quantities of high similarity or dangerous goods, etc.)

9. Transportation: high-speed non-stop, taxi management, bus hub management, railway locomotive identification, etc.

10. Food: management of freshness of fruits, vegetables, fresh food, food, etc.

11. Animal identification: identification and management of trained animals, livestock, pets, etc.

12. Libraries: bookstores, libraries, publishing houses, etc.

13. Automobiles: manufacturing, anti-theft, positioning, car keys

14. Aviation: manufacturing, passenger ticket, luggage parcel tracking

15. Military: identification and tracking of ammunition, guns, supplies, personnel, trucks, etc.