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Application of RFID in medical field

Does the medical industry need RFID technology? The answer is yes. All of us are inseparable from the medical profession all our lives. When we get sick, we go to the hospital to see a doctor. We need an injection to take medicine, even to be hospitalized for surgery. But for us, how can we ensure that what we eat is not fake drugs or expired drugs? How can you let doctors know your basic situation and give you timely and correct treatment? How can you ensure that the nurse gives you the proper care you need?

Management of medical registration

In hospitals, we can often see long queues at registration windows, resulting in air pollution, which is a high-risk outbreak of infectious diseases, very easy to cross-infection of infectious diseases. An RFID tag with chips can be placed on the medical card. When the patient registers, the information of the RFID tag in the medical card can be read through RFID technology, and all relevant information of the patient can be input into the computer. A few seconds, that is, the completion of the past few minutes to complete the registration level work. The queuing time of patients is greatly saved, and the work efficiency of hospitals is greatly improved.

Management of inpatients and medical personnel

For the inpatient system, several attending doctors often face dozens of patients, so confusing things often happen. Moreover, if the patient has a sudden onset of illness, it is impossible to know the condition of the patient in time, which may lead to delay in treatment. If the doctor uses a handheld RFID reader that can be carried with him, and read the RFID tag on the patient, such as RFID wristband, RFID tag, etc., the relevant information of the patient can be known, and then the correct treatment can be formulated in time.

Management of newborn babies

Because the birth of a baby does not have the ability to express, coupled with a similar appearance, the result is due to human negligence, which leads to the occurrence of a mistaken baby event, and such incidents are not uncommon. The resulting consequences are terrible and unbearable for both families.

When the baby is born, a disposable wristband with an RFID tag can be placed on the baby. In addition, because the baby and the mother are a matching pair, the mother can also secure the tag and use the code to match the mother and child. When doing some daily care for the baby, there will be a baby from mother to nurse, and from nurse to mother conversion process, RFID technology can help the nurse correctly identify the baby’s identity, and match the matching mother, thus completely eliminate The occurrence of a wrong baby event. Due to the use of the disposable RFID tag, the tag is removed and discarded, which prevents someone from maliciously changing the tag and corrects the baby event.

Surgical management

On the patient, an electronic label bracelet containing the chip can be placed. Before anesthesia and surgery, the identity of the patient can be verified by RFID technology and reading the electronic tag on the patient.

Medicine, medical supplies supply chain management

EPC tags are placed on medicines and related articles, and RFID technology can be used to monitor the whole process from the pharmaceutical factory to the seller, and to the end user. For pharmaceutical companies, RFID technology can help them keep track of where their drugs are sold; for patients, RFID technology can help them keep track of when, which, and the expiry date of the drugs in their hands.

Tracking management of medical equipment

In the hospital, there are a variety of medical equipment, large and small, disposable and valuable testing equipment. Sometimes these devices need to be moved and sometimes maliciously stolen. As a result, some devices often do not know what to do, or they cannot be found in time when they need to use them.

Electronic tags containing chips can be placed on these devices to be managed, and monitored and managed by RFID technology. With RFID technology, you can keep track of where these devices are located so you can find them when you need them. Combined with the alarm device, it can solve the occurrence of equipment theft incident.

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