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How to use RFID tag to realize data of supermarket fresh food price

In recent years, the retail industry has changed from “goods yard” to “people and goods yard”, that is, focusing on consumers.

During the recovery period of the epidemic, many retailers reorganized the commodity structure, including category management and marketing, in order to meet people’s normal life needs. In particular, high consumption commodities such as fresh food and flour products need to be replenished in time.

How to intelligently manage the commodities in the fresh food area? The RFID tag gives the answer.

Before the store launched the electronic label, due to the frequent price changes of fresh food, it takes a lot of time to manually change the price through the paper price tag. The price change speed is slow, which affects the operation efficiency of the store to a certain extent. The launch of electronic labels is a sharp sword to solve the problem of frequent price change management in fresh food areas.

The price of the RF-ID tag is changed through the cloud platform on the computer side. Instead of changing the price tag one by one on the commodity shelf, the staff only need to issue the price change instruction on the cloud platform. After receiving the price change instruction through the intelligent gateway, the electronic price tag on the shelf can be refreshed automatically to display the latest price and complete the price change quickly.

The  tag simplifies the process of commodity price change. Its cloud intelligent price change method changes the situation of manual replacement of price tags, greatly reduces labor costs, effectively improves the management efficiency of commodity prices and even the operation efficiency of the whole store, and helps the store transform intelligently.

The Radio Frequency Identification tag supports two-dimensional code display. The store can set up channels to display QR code link, coupon collection, group competition, membership, cashier and so on. Consumers can enter the page set by the store simply by scanning, so as to promote commodity sales, improve member management and reduce the cashier pressure.

In addition to the basic intelligent price management function, the electronic label solution can also maximize the visual display of the information of each kind of goods through the connection between the store ERP system and the label background management software.

Each piece of electronic tag can display the inventory status of bound goods. The background system of electronic tag has the functions of regular inventory counting and automatic warning. When the inventory of goods on the shelf is urgent, the system will remind the supermarket staff to replenish goods in time, improve the work efficiency of the store staff, and grasp the excellent opportunity at the retail site.

Electronic labels provide more professional digital store display solutions and all-round smart store solutions for retail enterprises, and provide strong scientific and technological capabilities for digital transformation and upgrading of retail enterprises!



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