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Application of Handheld Terminal in Power Industry

In the traditional electric power marketing meter reading link, not only a lot of manpower and material resources are invested, but also mistakes and omissions are easily caused by manual negligence. The emergence of these situations has greatly affected the development of electric power marketing activities, but also caused a certain amount of losses to the people’s personal property. In order to effectively change the current situation, power companies are vigorously introducing RFID technology to solve this problem. PDA handheld terminal is widely used, which greatly improves the efficiency of operation.

At present, most of the RFID handheld terminals used by some power enterprises are developed on the platform of handheld terminals. Through the powerful performance of the handheld terminal to complete the operation of the system. And through the use of handheld terminals to strengthen the expansion of power line carrier configuration, and when the expansion operation is completed, the number of components in the RFID handheld terminals will also increase. The hardware system can mainly use multiple interfaces to collect all kinds of information, and achieve effective processing of information.

In the development of electric power marketing activities, the traditional electric power marketing can be optimized by using the new type of RFID handheld terminal, especially in the meter reading process of electric power marketing. The use of PDA handheld terminal can realize the automation of report link. The use of this technology can not only greatly improve the efficiency of meter reading operation, but also omit the manual link of meter reading, avoid the occurrence of missed copy and wrong copy, and at the same time maximize the interests of both supply and demand sides. In the actual meter reading link, the staff only need to install the corresponding meter reading software on the handheld terminal, and take out the data from the handheld terminal when working. The use of RFID handheld terminal in the store system has effectively changed the inefficiency and high error rate of traditional meter reading operation. At the same time, PDA system has a high degree of electronic, so staff do not need to carry out meter-to-meter data statistics. After using PDA system to complete the recording, the handheld terminal can be brought back to upload the corresponding data records directly, which simplifies the work content of staff and improves the work efficiency of meter reading staff.

PDA system not only improves the efficiency and quality of marketing work, but also improves the degree of information in marketing and realizes digital management. In this way, compared with the traditional type of electric power marketing activities, it realizes the informationization and modernization of electric power marketing activities. More importantly, this new management realizes the two-way exchange of information and data, which makes the development of electric power enterprises have a good foundation.

On the other hand, the use of RFID handheld terminals has broken the traditional power marketing activities communication information is not smooth situation. In the user’s use process, once anything happens, PDA handheld terminal can quickly display the fault area. Make the breakdown immediately after the occurrence of staff to solve these emergencies, so as to effectively safeguard the interests of users.

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