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RFID technology enables remote automatic entry and exit of vehicles

With the improvement of living standards, the number of vehicles is constantly increasing, and there are more and more family cars. Vehicle management has become a focus of attention. The core issue of how to quickly and efficiently manage vehicles is how to identify their identities. The application of RFID technology in access control management can effectively achieve fast and reliable identification of vehicles, achieve efficiency and intelligence, and RFID technology can achieve long-distance automatic entry and exit of vehicles.


RFID technology is linked to road gate control, truly automatic and worry free passage. Road gates are generally installed at the entrance and exit of parking lots, which can easily cause vehicle congestion at the entrance when there is a large volume of traffic. However, when entering and exiting, it is necessary to stop to obtain a parking card to pass, which also causes traffic congestion and cannot achieve fast and unobstructed passage. The waiting time for vehicles to stop is long, affecting the normal order of entry and exit.

The RFID gate vehicle management system is an intelligent management system that involves card issuance, data collection, information processing, and gate systems.


Card Issuance:

The RFID gate vehicle management system is used to write key data of the vehicle, including the vehicle itself and its associated information, into an electronic label card through a card issuing device. After the writing is completed, the card is fixed to the vehicle body or pasted onto the window glass.


Data Collection:

The RFID gate vehicle management system is a data acquisition system that includes the collection of data from the RF card by the RFID reader and the collection of license plate information by the license plate video recognition system when the vehicle passes through.


Information Processing:

The computer analyzes and processes the collected data. This includes comparing the new data with the original data in the database. Finally, provide corresponding instructions based on this.


Gate System:

The RFID gate vehicle management system is composed of a set of hardware devices such as a metal car stopper, channel controller, vehicle detector, central processing unit, and ground sensing coil. Ultimately, the prohibition and release of vehicles will be achieved.


When the vehicle passes through the barrier, the barrier will automatically lower its pole. When passing through the sensing range of the RFID card reader antenna on the other side, the RFID card reader will also read the card number information on the vehicle’s windshield, but it will not output it to the controller. Therefore, the barrier will not be opened again (this function is called the same card delay). The computer screen installed at the entrance will display the vehicle’s entry and exit information in real time, such as the vehicle’s license plate, card number, photo of the vehicle, and entry and exit time, For management personnel to conduct timely check and post query, statistics, and generate various reports. The entrance adopts an intelligent gate, which automatically opens upon receiving the door opening signal from the controller; After the vehicle passes by, the pole automatically drops.


RFID technology enables intelligent management of vehicle entry and exit, with no need for vehicle drivers to stop. The system automatically recognizes the vehicle and completes management functions such as release (prohibition) and recording. To some extent, it saves time for entry and exit, improves work efficiency, and prevents the loss of management fees.



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