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The Application of RFID Technology in the Intelligent Semiconductor Industry

The semiconductor industry is an important strategic emerging industry in China, which requires a high degree of collaboration and close coordination among various links. RFID technology, as an automatic recognition and data acquisition technology, has unique advantages in semiconductor production lines. By applying RFID technology, semiconductor manufacturing enterprises can achieve tracking and control of the production process, improve production efficiency and product quality.


In semiconductor production lines, TI glass tube labels are deployed on wafer boxes, and the material model, specifications, processing flow, and other information inside the wafer box glass tube labels are identified through a semiconductor RFID reader and writer to accurately control and adjust the production process.


In the wafer cleaning process, the semiconductor RFID reader reads the TI glass tube labels in the cleaning area to determine the information of the wafer and the time it reaches the cleaning position. After the cleaning task is completed, record the completion time of the cleaning and mark the cleaned silicon wafers. Upload all information about this process to the management system to avoid process confusion.


In the management of wafer box storage cabinets, the semiconductor RFID reader is embedded into the support board of the storage cabinet carrier platform. When accessing the wafer box, the semiconductor RFID reader will automatically upload the read wafer box access information and time to the database of the management system for storage, and update the access information in real-time.


When the wafer box is placed on the semiconductor electronic shelf, the semiconductor RFID reader on the electronic shelf will automatically read the glass tube label, collect information about the wafer box stored on the electronic shelf, and display partial type information of the wafer product on the front display screen; If the semiconductor RFID reader cannot read the label at that position after removing the wafer box, it will display on the display screen that the corresponding product has been removed.


Semiconductor overhead crane station identification and handling management, installing semiconductor RFID readers and writers on the overhead crane, and installing RFID tags on the train track nodes. When carrying out transportation operations, the RFID tag at the track node can be read by a semiconductor RFID reader to obtain the driving position information of the overhead crane. Real time dynamic monitoring of the overhead crane’s position can be carried out, and route planning and scheduling can be carried out based on its own position to ensure the safe distance and transportation efficiency of the overhead crane’s operation. When the overhead crane reaches the corresponding point, the semiconductor RFID reader will recognize the label information at the destination and input the batch of wafer information into the destination’s wafer storage information database. The staff can quickly find all the information of the wafer box in the management system.


The application of RFID technology in the semiconductor industry can not only help enterprises improve production efficiency and reduce costs, but also improve product quality and competitiveness.



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