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ETC and RFID technology truly achieve smooth road

Due to the rapid development of expressways, the number of vehicles in the peak period of manual toll, resulting in very large vehicle congestion, and the charging efficiency is low. At present, the implementation of online charging is vigorously carried out, and vehicles are automatically identified to deduct fees. In order to achieve accurate billing and accurate splitting, expressway multi-path identification has become an important task of highway construction and operation. The 5.8G band has the advantages of high-speed and high bandwidth, and can carry out a variety of vehicle information services in the future. The 5.8GHz RFID system is the working frequency band of China’s etc, and has taken the lead in formulating the national etc standard. Etc and RFID technology to achieve a smooth road.

ETC (Electronic Toll CollecTIon) is currently an advanced toll collection method that is highly praised by all countries in the world. The car owner only needs to install electronic tags on the car windows. When the vehicle passes through the toll station, the reader reads and writes the electronic tags of the passing vehicles through the toll station, and automatically reads from the pre-bound radio frequency card or bank account After deducting the corresponding fees, the owner can quickly pass the toll station without parking and manual payment, and the road is truly smooth.


The ETC system is mainly composed of an automatic vehicle identification system, a central management system and other auxiliary facilities. Among them, the vehicle automatic identification system consists of OBU (On board unit, onboard unit), RSU (Road side unit, road side unit), loop sensor, etc. OBU (Electronic Tag) stores the relevant information of the vehicle and is generally installed on the front windshield of the vehicle. RSU (ie reader) is installed next to the toll station. The loop sensor is installed under the road surface. The central management system stores a lot of information about registered vehicles and owners. When the vehicle passes through the toll gate, the loop sensor senses the vehicle, the RSU sends out an inquiry signal, the OBU responds, and conducts two-way communication and data exchange. The central management system obtains vehicle identification information and compares and judges, and controls according to different situations The management system generates different operations to realize the automatic management of moving vehicles.

The ETC system uses a dedicated DSRC (dedicated short-range communication) method to exchange through long distances (10m~30m), a complete encrypted communication mechanism (supports 3DES, RSA algorithms), and a non-contact method (working frequency band supports 915MHz, 2.45GHz and 5.8GHz) ETC information realizes the automatic identification of the vehicle in a fast-moving state, so as to realize the automatic management of the target.

Compared with the previous manual charging system, the current ETC system has the following advantages:

1. Optimize traffic structure without stopping

Drivers can automatically pay tolls directly through the ETC system without stopping, which effectively improves the vehicle capacity of toll stations, avoids traffic jams caused by toll stations, and improves highway utilization.

2. Segmented fee calculation, public price

Drivers paying through the ETC system means that more vehicles will pass in a unit of time, which speeds up the payment and improves the efficiency of payment.

3. Save resources and reduce exhaust emissions

The ETC system reduces the waiting time for vehicles to pay manually at the toll station, reduces fuel consumption, and reduces exhaust emissions when the vehicle is idling, thereby achieving the effects of saving energy and protecting the environment.

The mature application of ETC system has very important significance for the future development of intelligent transportation. At present, this technology is also applied to the automatic charging of vehicles in the central area of the city. For example, it is gradually being promoted and applied in intelligent parking lot management. As an emerging automatic identification technology, RFID technology has the advantages of barrier-free reading and long-distance penetration, fast scanning, high storage capacity, small size, and good security and confidentiality. It is widely used in various fields and has a huge development.



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