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ABS high temperature UHF RFID tag

Our ABS high temperature UHF RFID tag is widely used in logistics management and fixed asset management with ABS engineering plastic packaging, which has the characteristics of sun protection, waterproof, high temperature resistance and metal resistance.


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Product Name ABS high temperature UHF RFID tag
 Type  Passive ( read-write)
Chip Brand Alien Higgs-3/Higgs-4,lmpinj M4/M5,Monza 4QT I-CODE2, F08,NTAG213,NXP S50, ULTRALIGHT etc.
 Material ABS
 Size 125*21*12.5mm,80*30*3.5mm,110*25*12.8mm
 Colour Black, yellow, red, green, blue, pink, etc.
Reading Distance  1-12m (related to antenna, reader power and working environment)
 Frequency  860-960MHz
 Protocol  ISO 18000-6C
 Read/Write Times 100,000 times
Memory Configuration 128-4096 bit
 Data Conserving 10 years
 Operating Temperature -20℃+100℃
 Storage Temperature  -40℃–130℃
 Glue on the back  3M
 Installation Method  Adhesive or Screws
 Applications Equipment management, metal bridge quality inspection, tunnel inspection, machine identification, metal container management, etc.


·  Waterproof design, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, metal resistance;

·  Reading distance up to 12 meters;

·  Rugged, can be used in harsh environments;

·  Read/Write can reach 100,000 times.