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Ceramic high temperature H3 RFID on Metal Tag

This is a small size high temperature resistant RFID tag, which is made of ceramic and special plastic injection molding. It can work normally for more than 8 hours under the high temperature of more than 200 degrees and the reading distance can reach 8 meters. It is widely used in coating, heat treatment, molding, painting and other production processes.


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Product Name Ceramic high temperature Alien H3 RFID on Metal Tag
Chip Brand Alien H3
Size 38*13*7mm, Rivet hole, 3.4 mm
Material Ceramic+High performance industry plastic
Colour Black
Reading Distance 6-8m
Frequency 865~868MHz or 920~925MHz
Protocol EPC Global Class1 Gen2 ISO18000-6C
Storage EPC 96bit, User 512bit
 IP Classfication: IP68
Operating Temperature -30°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature  -30°C to +250°C
 Applications Tools of molding / Autoclave/ Painting process