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4-ports RS232 TCP IP Fixed UHF RFID Reader

Model No.: QSF4300

Our QSF4300 UHF Fixed reader based on proprietory efficient digital signal processing algorithm, it supports fast tag read/write operation with high identification rate. It can be widely applied in many RFID application systems such as logistics, access control, anti-counterfeit and industrial production process control system.


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l. Absolute Maximum Rating

Power Supply VCC 16 V
Operating Temp. TOPR -10~+55
Storage Temp. TSTR -20~+75

l. Electrical and Mechanical Specification

Under TA=25℃,VCC=+9V unless specified

Power Supply VCC 8 9 12 V
Current Dissipation IC 600 1500 mA
Frequency FREQ 902 928 MHz
Size Size 227x170x40 mm

1.Power (DC JACK)

No. Symbol Comment
Central PWR +9VDC
Outer GND Ground

2.GPIO (DB15 Female)

No. Symbol Comment
1 Output1 General Output1
2 Output2 General Output2
3 Output3 General Output3
4 Output4 General Output4
5 Output5 General Output5
6 Output6 General Output6
7 Output7 General Output7
8 Output8 General Output8
9 TGIN Trigger input with internal pull-up to 5V through a 10k resistor
10 R+ R+ of RS485
11 R- R- of RS485
12 GND Signal Ground
13 NO Normal-Open terminal of internal relay
14 NC Normal-Close terminal of internal relay
15 CM Common terminal of internal relay

3.Serial communication port RS232 (DB9 Male)

No. Symbol Comment
1 nc Reserved
2 TXD General Output2
3 RXD General Output3
4 nc Reserved
5 GND Ground
6 nc Reserved
7 nc Reserved
8 nc Reserved
9 nc Reserved

4.TCPIP network (RJ45)

5.TNC antenna port ANT1~ANT4

6.LED indicator LED1~LED7

No. Symbol Comment
1 LED1 Antenna 1 active indicator
2 LED2 Antenna 2 active indicator
3 LED3 Antenna 3 active indicator
4 LED4 Antenna 4 active indicator
5 LED5 Tag-detected indicator
6 LED6 Command-executing indicator
7 LED7 Power-on indicator


·  Support 860~960MHz frequency band, FHSS or Fix Frequency transmission;

·  Support ISO18000-6C(EPC C1G2) , ISO18000-6B protocol tags;

·  RF output power up to 30dbm(adjustable);

·  Support RS232, RS485, TCPIP with other interface optional;

·  Built-in LED, Buzzer, GPIO and Relay, quality is reliability.